Hello! Welcome to DRIVE – Consumer Direction Counties Manukau

DRIVE stands for:

We are a network that represents the interests of people in the Counties Manukau region who experience mental health difficulties, or problems with alcohol and other drugs. We know what it’s like to struggle- and also the path to recovery.
We are concerned with personal development, with the development of the peer service workforce, and with developing the mental health and addiction sector in Counties Manukau.


“DRIVE has had such a positive role in supporting me to engage in my recovery. The Networks (DRIVE) has supported me through training, personal and workforce development…”
“…..Most especially I appreciate the way DRIVE stimulates me to think outside the box and have a broader view of Recovery and the power a “consumer voice” has…”
“….Not just at a grass roots level, but in every area of leadership from personal recovery leadership to being involved in service and systematic change in Counties Manukau and New Zealand wide…”
“…By being able to be involved, share my voice, learn and engage with other people sharing opinions and experiences it’s amazing and a privilege…”
“…That we can then affect change with our voices is such an amazing empowering feeling. I am lucky through DRIVE to have met some amazing and inspirational and supportive people….”
“…To me DRIVE is all about connections and sharing our life narratives to support each other and our communities to learn, grow, and affect positive changes.”



Denise Omar, Rachel Maloney & Edith Moore

Who are DRIVE? DRIVE is the network of our people that experience or have experienced mental distress or addictions in the Counties Manukau area. If this is you – hello! You are welcome to become a part of our network, whether you do so by just attending events, and being involved in social media, or whether you wish to be involved in a more active way.

DRIVE employs three part time coordinators.  Networker Denise was born in Gisborne and not long after her family moved up to Northland, where her extended family still lives. Denise has a background in AOD and Mental Health and has worked in the health and disability sector. Rachel most recently worked as a Peer Support Specialist, and has a history of working in marketing and communications. Rachel was born in Oxford, England but has been living in Auckland since 1992. Edith was born in Manurewa and is of Cook Island Maori descent. Edith has lived experience of Addiction and Mental Health challenges. She has previously worked at the University of Auckland as a lecturer in Pacific Health.

Denise, Rachel and Edith are all proud to have lived experience of recovery.

The DRIVE contract is managed by Connect Supporting Recovery.